INSERT is Techno & Respect

Simplicity in intelligent rhythms.
Carefully illuminated sounds.
Intrigue between glances.
Equality, empathy, and attitude.
Feeling the intensity of the moment.
Authentic club culture.

INSERT differs because of it’s defined musical genre,
it’s attention to sound and it’s live controlled lighting.

NO VIP’s, we are all equal.
NO MOBILES, disconnect and let go.
NO GOGOS, the dancers are on the floor.
NO FASHION, be yourself.

Open your mind… live INSERT


Reeko [Polegroup] 18th January 2015

REEKO [Polegroup] – Menn [Insert]

Insert presenta

Coinciding with the one hundredth anniversary of one of the most surprising works by contemporary icon Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis (1915), Reeko celebrates the novella or adult fairy tale with his own reinterpretation of Kafka’s controversial narration. The author offers a first person account of the protagonist Gregor Samsa’s transmutation; a human just like any other, with a grey, predictable and routine existence.
However, this bland existence comes to an end when Gregor undergoes a catharsis, a metamorphosis that transforms him into an insect. A mutation that Reeko describes beat by beat, giving us Samsa’s every single heart beat and shudder. We bear witness to his dehumanisation, we feel every trace of humanity dissolve in the cold blood of the new being that is coming to life: an insect man, a new circumstance that will affect the way he sees the reality he thought he knew and the world that seemed to him rigid and unchangeable.
Juan Rico has already demonstrated his capacity for description. With the use of his trademark dark sound —both digital and analogue, since he has mastered both worlds— his sublime double LP Finding the New Matter (Mental Disorder, 2011) took us to new and exciting places, establishing him as a reputed artist within the international electronic music scene.
The first chapter-track is “La Metamorfosis”, which provides the title for the record and is the only track with a name. From here on, there will be no more labels; the dimension we find ourselves in bears no description.
A1, “La Metamorfosis” acts as a prologue, a prelude which describes the whole record. It is not one of four tracks, but the opening that allows for the rest of the story to unfold. Over the course of six minutes, this first track progressively penetrates an atmosphere which becomes increasingly clear and intelligible for us humans, and at the same time separates us, cell by cell, from our own species.
More info, coming soon…


Pfirter 4hs set [CLR / Mindtrip] 23th November 2014

Pfirter 4hs set [CLR - Mindtrip] Tørk [Amazone - Insert]


INSERT Showcase
Toulouse France
14 September

INSERT Open Air Showcase  (07am to 07pm), with bus form Barcelona.

La Source Du Moulin, Rout De Bayone 31300, Toulouse, France

Luis Flores [Droid/CLR]

Flug [Slease/CLR]

Tørk [Insert Resident]

Audiolux [Insert Resident]

Kellener & Marla Singer [Sonntag Morgen/Amazone]

Serrato Ruiz [Silent Disorder/Flash Events]

Rob D [Silent Disorder/Flash Events]

Truch [gdprod]

El punto de venta de ENTRADAS y VIAJE a TOULOUSE es en el Restaurante HENDRIX (en Travessera de Gracia 86 casi esquina Balmes) desde las 6 de la tarde hasta las 23:30.
40€ Incluye Viaje Ida y Vuelta en Autocar a Toulouse Francia.
- La salida es desde Pl. Urquinaona el Domingo 14 de Septtiembre a las 5am.
- LLegada a Toulouse a las 9:30am.
- La tarjeta que os entregamos numerada es la entrada al recinto.
- El Bus de regreso a Barcelona sale desde Toulouse a las 20:00hs.
- Llegada a Barcelona el mismo domingo 14/09 a las 24:00hs.
- Incluye 1 Bebida sin Alcohol en el Autocar de Ida y Vuelta.
- Antes del 20 de Agosto debemos tener el Autocar pagado.
- Si no completamos las 50 plazas os devolvemos el dinero.
- Debéis llevar al viaje DNI o pasaporte (salimos del país).
- Podéis pagar en efectivo o con tarjeta.


INSERT Showcase
Toulouse France
06 July

INSERT Open Air Showcase  (07am to 07pm, 10€)

La Source Du Moulin, Rout De Bayone 31300, Toulouse, France

Flug 3hs set [Slease/Enemy/Amazone]

Audioluc [Insert Resident]

Tørk [Insert Resident]

Extra Dry [Driving Forces/Amazone]

Serrato Ruiz vs. Seb Guardiola [Underground Records/Rachdingue]

Rob D [Flash Event]

Jordan Barria [Deepcode]



12.06.2014 Non Series & Rising Showcase Psyc [Non Series] & Tadeo [Rising] & Henning Bear [Non Series] &  NX1 live [Rising] & Flug [Insert] & Men [Insert] & Serkin [Insert]

18.05.2014 Flug leaze] & Audiolux [Insert]

11.05.2014 KR!Z oken]  &  Tørk [Insert]

04.05.2014 NX1 [Nexe Records] & Serkin [Technodrome]

21.04.2014 Miki Craven [White Rose] & Gus [Moog] & Men [Insert] & Tørk [Insert]

20.04.2014 Tommy Four Seven [] & Flug [Sleaze]

13.04.2014 Adriana Lopez rey Report]  &  Ricardo Garduno [Ilegal Alien] & Audiolux nsert]

06.04.2014 Tadeo [Cyclical Tracks] & Aiken [Semantica]

30.03.2014 Flug [Sleaze] & Javi Lago intics] & Men [Insert] & Audiolux [Insert] & Tørk [Insert]

23.03.2014 Pfirter [] & Unam Zetineb [Enemy]

16.03.2014 Drumcell [] & Flug [Sleaze]

09.03.2014 Developer & Exium ole Group Showcase] & Dj Men [Insert]

02.03.2014 James Ruskin [Blueprint] & Audiolux [Insert]

23.02.2014 Angel Costa [REZ] & Flug [Sleaze]

16.02.2014 Shifted vian] & Men [Insert]

09.02.2014 Truncate aka Audio Injection [Droid] & Tørk [Insert]

02.02.2014 Monoloc [] & Flug [Sleaze]

  • <strong>Reeko [Polegroup]</strong> 18th January 2015

    Reeko [Polegroup] 18th January 2015

  • <strong>Rebekah [Clr / Decoy]</strong> 1st January 2015

    Rebekah [Clr / Decoy] 1st January 2015

  • <strong>Pfirter 4hs set [CLR / Mindtrip]</strong> 23th November 2014

    Pfirter 4hs set [CLR / Mindtrip] 23th November 2014

  • <strong>INSERT Showcase<br />Toulouse France</strong> 14 September

    INSERT Showcase
    Toulouse France
    14 September

  • <strong>INSERT Showcase<br />Toulouse France</strong> 06 July

    INSERT Showcase
    Toulouse France
    06 July